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"Jeans 1-27"

For several years Dene had been making paper pulp from cut-up blue-jeans, using a Hollander beater. The pockets and seams of the blue-jeans were left after all the fabric panels were cut out. 


In 2013, she embedded two of these 'shells,' representing people, into a landscape. This became the first Embedded Pulp Painting, 37" X 47". She wrote the word "Jeans" on the top with leftover seam pieces.  The clouds were made from embedded fresh cotton from Georgia fields. This is "Jeans 1"


Dene began to pigment some of the blue-jean pulp and 100% white cotton rag pulp to create the "Jeans" paintings.  She would first make a "Study" on the 18" X 22" mould. Several of the "Studies" were unrealized.


By Jeans 16, she no longer made a "Study" first and just made the paintings from sketches.  The final "Jeans" piece, "Jeans 27 Danielle's Calvins at Niagara Falls with Maid of the Mist," was completed in 2019.

Pulp Painting--cotton blue jeans, white cotton pulp and pure pigments.


All "Studies" are 22" X 18" and 1/8" thick.

All "Jeans" are 37" x 47"  1/8" thick and have the shell of bluejeans embedded into the artwork.

"Study For Jeans 10 Black Mountains"

"Jeans 10 Black Mountains"

"Jeans 11 Woods"

"Study For Jeans 12 The Point"

"Jeans 12 The Point"

Study For Jeans 13 Purple Mountains

"Study for Jeans 13 Purple Mountains"

Jeans 13 Purple Mountains

"Jeans 13 Purple Mountains"

Study For Jeans 14 Flower Fields

"Study for Jeans 14"

Jeans 14 Flower Fields

"Jeans 14 Flower Fields"

Study for Jeans 15 Cypress

"Study for Jeans 15 Cypress"

Jeans 15 Cypress

"Jeans 15 Cypress"

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