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Jean Blue Sea is a series of pulp paintings made from 100% cotton blue jeans that Dene pulped in a Hollander beater at her studio in the rural woods of southern Georgia. Working primarily with the muted palette from the various shades of blue jeans, she also added pigment to the blue jean cotton pulp to include vibrant color in this series of seascapes.

Dene grew up near the ocean.  She loves water and has a deep respect for the earth and its resources.  In her pulp paintings she tries to capture the divine tapestry of landscape formed by the harmony of colors, shapes and textures with the goal of instilling joy, challenging the viewer to observe his everyday world and bring a renewed respect for our planet.

All Jean Blue Sea original artworks are 22' X 18".

Limited editions signed and numbered prints of 25 are available printed with archival ink on 11" X 8 1/2" handmade white cotton paper, matted and ready for framing in a standard 18" X 14" frame. 

Jean Blue Sea 1 - Iceberg

"Jeans Blue Sea 1- Iceberg"

Jean Blue Sea 2 - Dunes

"Jean Blue Sea 2 - Dunes"

Jean Blue Sea 3 - Sand Animal

"Jean Blue Sea 3 - Sand Animal"

Jean Blue Sea 4 - Land Layers

"Jean Blue Sea 4 - Land Layers"

Jean Blue Sea 5 - Turbulence

"Jean Blue Sea 5 - Turbulence"

Jean Blue Sea 6 - Waves

"Jean Blue Sea 6 - Waves"

Jean Blue Sea 7 - Birch Trees

"Jean Blue Sea 7 - Birch Trees"

Jean Blue Sea 8 - Birch Trees abstracted

"Jean Blue Sea 8 - Birch Trees abstracted"

Jean Blue Sea 9 - Birch Trees abstracted again

"Jean Blue Sea 9 - Birch Trees abstracted again"

Jean Blue Sea 10 - Pink Relection

"Jean Blue Sea 10 - Pink Reflection"

Jean Blue Sea 11 - Water Sky

"Jean Blue Sea 11 - Water Sky"

Jean Blue Sea 12 - Windy Trees

"Jean Blue Sea 12 - Windy Trees"

Jean Blue Sea 13 - Beach Boulders

"Jean Blue Sea 13 - Beach Boulders"

Jean Blue Sea 14 - Fall Reflection

"Jean Blue Sea 14 - Fall Reflection"

Jean Blue Sea 15 - Into the River

"Jean Blue Sea 15 - Into the River"

Jean Blue Sea 16 - Little Lake

"Jean Blue Sea 16 - Little Lake"

Jean Blue Sea 17 - In the Mountains

"Jean Blue Sea 17 - In the Mountains"

Jean Blue Sea 18 - Fields

"Jean Blue Sea 18 - Fields"

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