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Pulp Painting- cotton blue jeans, white cotton pulp and pure pigments.


All "Jeans" works are 37" X 47" 1/8" thick and have the shell of bluejeans embedded into the artwork.

"Jeans 16 Trees"

"Jeans 18 Pink Reflections"

"Jeans 17 Green Mountains"

"Jeans 19 Cactus Sunset"

"Jeans 20 White Clouds"

Jeans 21  Old Glory

"Jeans 21 Old Glory"

 Jeans 22  Two Generations

"Jeans 22 Two Generations"

Jeans 23  Sunset Before the Storm

"Jeans 23 Sunset Before the Storm"

Jeans 24  Rawthentic

"Jeans 24 Rawthentic"

Jeans 25   Purple Mountain Majesty

"Jeans 25 Purple Mountain Majesty"

Jeans 26  Field of Dreams

"Jeans 26 Field of Dreams"

Jeans 27  Danielle's Calvin's at Niagara

"Jeans 27 Danielle's Calvin's at Niagara Falls with Maid of the Mist"

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