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"Indigo Road 1-9"


Indigo Road is a series of pulp paintings that use indigo blue jean pulp to create the roads in each piece.  The roads signify our journey through life with all its twists and turns.

In Dene's art, her main influence has been and remains David Hockney.  She had written a thesis on experimental photography after spending one and one half years with Barbara Morgan, known for her photographs in the 1930-1950's of the dance. At that time, Barbara was not as well known as an innovator in experimental

photography. Dene had a master's degree in photography when she was 

introduced to Hockney at an opening of his photograph collages in New York City in the 1980's. From that point on she was particularly interested in his work.

In the first review of Dene's handmade paper artworks in a 1979 solo exhibition at Loyola University in New Orleans, her work was compared to Miro, Arp, Klee and DuBuffet.  As she moved into color and pulp painting, Dene found herself drawn to Hockney's style of painting in addition to his photography. His 

influence can be seen in this and subsequent series of her work.

The following artworks are the complete series of nine Pulp Paintings.

Indigo Road 1

"Indigo Road 1"

Indigo Road 2

"Indigo Road 2"

Indigo Road 3

"Indigo Road 3"

Indigo Road 4

"Indigo Road 4"

Indigo Road 5

"Indigo Road 5"

Indigo Road 6

"Indigo Road 6"

Indigo Road 7

"Indigo Road 7"

Indigo Road 8

"Indigo Road 8"

Indigo Road 9

"Indigo Road 9"

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