"Indigo Ridge 1-9"

 Pulp Paintings  22" X 18"

The Indigo Ridge series, begun in 2019, are one of a kind artworks made from 100% white cotton and blue jean pulps Dene makes herself, some with added aqueous dispersed  pigments.  


They are colorful and happy landscapes inspired by the Blue Ridge Mountains. The characteristic purple haze is actually the breath of trees!

All the pulp paintings are made on a 22" X 18" mould with Dene's signature as the watermark.  The works are 1/8" thick.  In some, the details seem to rest on the surface in a 3-D effect.

Future works  will contain more and darker indigo ridges.


"Indigo Ridge 2"

"Indigo Ridge 1"


"Indigo Ridge 3"

Indigo Ridge 5.jpg

"Indigo Ridge 5"

Indigo Ridge 7.jpg

"Indigo Ridge 7"


"Indigo Ridge 4"

Indigo Ridge 6.jpg

"Indigo Ridge 6"

Indigo Ridge 8.jpg

"Indigo Ridge 8"

Indigo Ridge 9.jpg

"Indigo Ridge 9"